Powerful, Results-Oriented Technology Marketing Drives Sales Leads and Revenue

You know how competitive your technology space can be. Many technology vendors are chasing after a handful of company initiatives.

Too many product marketing initiatives and marketing campaigns fail to achieve their technology sales lead goals. You can?afford to end up with an underperforming marketing efforts that drains your resources away while others get into deals and are selling at the proper level.

Today most technology vendors don have the in-house marketing resources to know what buttons to push to give them an extra edge over the competition.

What marketing campaigns can garner tremendous returns? How can marketing be executed flawlessly to ensure the desired outcome?What marketing expenses should be avoided at all costs?

These are the questions I spent the past 15 years studying. My name is Bob Hanson, founder of Quantum Leap Marketing, and my passion is to help technology companies turn seemingly ordinary marketing efforts into extraordinary results.

I worked with companies like Cisco Systems, Siemens, and 3Com to produce over $1.7 billion dollars in sales leads, increase marketing campaign response rates by over 300%, and grow one software company 500% in a little over three years.

I'd like to show you how to get results like these. With QLM, you can;

• Position your company ahead of the competition by cost-effectively reaching and influencing technology decision makers,

into the power of testing and marketing leverage to help you get 2, 3, even 5 times more results from all of your marketing campaigns, prospects into customers, and customers into raving fans.

You can sidestep the detours and dead-ends that derail the success of many marketing efforts.

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80-20 Marketing System, Fast-Track to Growth, Profitibility and Cash Flow
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80-20 Marketing Can Be Your Key to Growth, Profitibility and Cash Flow

Technology Webinars Made Easy
Technology Webinars Made Easy for More Technology Leads and Sales

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About Quantum Leap Marketing

Live Webinar - Seven Secrets of Winning Webinars
Live Webinar - Seven Secrets of Winning Webinars

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